Logan Boese

Author, Editor,
Cultural Sensitivity Consultant

My name’s Logan, and I’m a geek who believes in the power of stories!

I call myself a storyteller because that’s the best way to sum up what I do. The power of narrative is universal. Humans LOVE gripping narratives, and that’s what I create. Regardless of whether I’m writing a short story, designing a persuasive piece, or even “just” creating marketing copy, I’m making a narrative that will grip the reader’s mind and refuse to let go.

I’ve worked as a TTRPG writer, an activist, a canvasser, a salesperson, a haunter, an actor, and so many other things, but they’ve all shown me that the power of words is in the narrative. Each of these positions has taught me something about crafting narratives.

I work fast, efficiently, and equally as well alone or in groups. I have a way with dialogue, a love of characters, and a fascination with world-building. I have an extensive history with native topics and a long history of writing horror and mystery. When the need arises, I can turn around fast, clean, and persuasive copy with blinding speed.

I’ve come a long way from writing a small block of text featured in the back of a tie-in product. I’ve received praise from giants in the field, had my favourite author see something I’ve written, and I’ve even gotten to work with my dream company. I’ve accomplished a lot in a relatively short time, and it’s made me hungrier for my next challenge. There are many stories left to be told, after all. Let me help you tell yours!

Writing Samples:


The Introductory story for Modiphius’ “Dreams and Machines: Gamemaster’s Guide”
An Adventure for Coyote and Crow’s “Stories from the Freelands”
A small sample of the Custom Pets I designed for use with Coyote and Crow!
In addition to my writing work, I have been proudly serving as the Lead Story Guide for Coyote and Crow for the better part of 3 years!
(If you’ve seen someone running this fantastic game, chances are my face will look incredibly familiar!)

Digital articles and Blog work:

Magazine Work:



I think a rising tide floats all boats. The end result is always better when you have a few more eyes on your projects, and I’ve been happily working as an editor for the better part of a decade! Am I perfect? Of course not. However, the things I work on have a much higher chance of being that way!

Scattershot examples of other editing work


My Resume, Current to March, 2024!